Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's MY life!

Wow so I feel like it has been a really super long time since I have been on my blog!! I've been having  fun!! Here is some what of a recap:
Went with Karen, Sister Patton, Sydney, and Belle to the Hollywood Bowl

Went with The Patton's to go meet Brooke White and see her preform at the Hard Rock in Hollywood!

Got pictures from my best friend Tela! I miss her so much!!!

Finally made it into the 200's!! :) I LOVE ELDER FLORES!

So these past two months, I have learned alot about myself as well as the people around me that I considered myself close with. Some good, some bad, but in the end, everything I decide to do, everything I feel, everything I choose, and everything I say is OKAY, because that's what I WANT to say. I feel like for a long time I wouldn't stand up for how I really felt, but that is now in the past. These couple past weeks have pissed me the hell off, but in the end, I come out stronger and closer to the people that matter the most. Family is a priority.

Hope everyone is doing well :) :)