Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEVER trust anyone.

Seriously my day was going amazing.

Until it wasnt.

I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH: do NOT trust anyone. Even if you think you can. Because you cant.

Because they will mess with your job. Your reputation. Everything.

And my phone isnt working. And hasnt been all day. Great, just great.

Good luck

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dates :)

 First time back at six flags in two years!!!! Such a fun time :)
 Jordan told me to drop my bike, get in the car, and off we went to the mall WHERE I GOT TO TOUCH A DU CK!!!! BEST DAY EVER!! 9-12-13
Asphalt Symphony at the Valley Performing Arts at CSUN!!! They were so good!!! Denny's after :) 9-13-12

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It has been a while!!

So it has really been a while since I have posted!! Lots has happened!

1. School started. My senior year. Seriously that is so crazy! I went to my counselor and he recommended  me for graduation, filled out my paperwork, and then I paid my 57.00 dollars!! I am all set! (hopefully!) lol.

2. Working at the Matador Bookstore started again. They made you WORK. I worked 34 hours 2 weeks in a row.The first two weeks of school. NOT COOL. I think I may be done there after this semester because for 8.00 an hour, they have me slaving and I am over it.

3. Academic Mentor job started again. 54 mentees in all. Better than last year when I had 75!!

4. I am going home on September 29th with my boy! I am so excited for him to see my parents again because they miss him :)

5. On Labor Day, Jordan and I dropped everything and went to Six Flags and of course, got our season passes! We are super excited. Plus they are opening a new ride in 2013!! That place has so much significance to us and I love it.

6. My roommate Michelle and I were placed in emergency housing last friday because we have termites in our room....and they are everywhere: in our beds, closet, desk, clothes...you name it. I swear things like this are attracted to us! lol.

Life is pretty good right now, besides all the things that arent good lol. But I think things are on the right track :)