Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lakers Game! And Jordans Birthday

 Jordan and I went to the Lakers vs OKC game on Jan 11th! It was seriously sooooo much fun! Probably one of our best dates. Check the screen at the bottom :)
 We did so much for Jordan's birthday!!! I love you babe!! xoxo

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas/New years!

Jordan and I got to spend our first Christmas actually "together" :) 
 We went to Jordan's cousins engagement party and danced the night away!! (Jason & Gina, Jordan & I, and Cherise & Tera Boy)
 On New Years Eve we went to Downtown Disney and ate at the Espn Zone (waited for 2 hours) and then watched the ball drop and the fireworks from Disneyland
 All dressed up and ready to go to the party!

 1/5/13 Jordan and I went to the LA Fashion District and he got a hat and a sweater and I got a watch and a flower bow...oh and this most amazing smoothie ever!!
 I love him forever and ever! Look at that smile!
 We took Chacha and Rascal to Tustin with us to visit Jordan's grandma and grandpa!
 We went out on a double date with Jordan's friends Mayra and Jesse to Korean BBQ in Anaheim where you cook the food yourself. It was pretty fun!
 On New Years Eve in front of the Lego Store
 Some of the people at the engagement party
We played family games

Overall,Christmas break has just been perfect and I never want it to end :(