Monday, November 21, 2011


SO since I will be out of town until Sunday, I wont be able to come on and write all of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here goes nothin :)

1. I am thankful for my family. I love them so much!

2. I am thankful for my wonderful, amazing, spiritual, handsome, strong, dedicated, loving missionary boyfriend who is willing to serve the Lord for 2 years!!!

3. I am thankful for my friends, the real ones, who support me through everything no matter what!

4. I am thankful for missionary work and temples. Without  missionaries, I would be lost! And without the temple, I wouldnt be able to do the work  I need to do and be sealed to my husband someday!!

I have so many beautiful reasons to be thankful!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a lil bit of everything :)

 I am so excited because I registered for my last semester of college without Jordan!! Next fall he will be back by my side in school! I am so happy for that!! Thank goodness I got priority registration for my job, or else I wouldnt be able to get any classes! Im taking Soc 368 Lecture and Seminar, Freshman speech 151 haha oops, and Social Legislation 426. Yay??? hahah
 My last Halloween alone came and passed!! YAYYYY!!! I went as a black cat to a dance in....wait I forgot where it was....Los Robles?? Lol idk!!
 Hahah dont mind me!! But Dave me and Jana throughally enjoyed taking this pic and hanging out with others from our ward!
 I took this for my bayybay! We are on opposite sides of the country! One on the pacific ocean and one on the atlantic!!!
FINALLY!! We have single digit months left!!!! 8.99!!! I cannot wait!! I love you elder flores! Continue to serve your heart out!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Apparently the ultimate wish is suppossed to take place at 11:11pm on 11/11/11. But I say no. Who needs wishing when you have the power of prayer? I get to say an "ultimate prayer" every morning and every night, because I know who I am praying to has all the power.

Oh & 280 days till I get my baby back :) Maybe less :) I love you elder flores!!! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

the truth about me right now

Somewhere between the whirl of teen-age dates and the responsibility of matrimony, we find a lone creature called the Missionary's Girl.

They come in two varieties... engaged and not engaged. They come in assorted sizes, weights, and colors, blue being the most common.

The missionary's girl is found at home, missing parties (Just the parties that have overzealous RM's), staying away from dances (too depressing without ??? there), paying her own way to the movies, and buying stationary by the gross.

Missionaries love them, young girls look up to them, parents tolerate them, postmen hate them, and weekly letters support them.

A missionary's girl is a composite. She has the appetite of a hormonally unstable 18-year-old girl, the enthusiasm of a wet noodle, the patience of Job, the persistence of a stainless steel salesman and the imagination of Scherazade.

She likes letters from the mission field, invitations to his home, long distance telephone calls, items for his scrapbook, pictures of him, and other girls who are waiting (I LOVE my MGs!).

She isn't much for Saturday nights out on the town ; people who say, "Two years is a long time"; or “Don’t waste your time” or the classic “ so much can happen in two years” , new clothes with no one to wear them for; sad movies and music; movies with love scenes; knitting; wedding receptions; little sisters who date; calenders; and "Dear Janes."
A missionary's girl is an odd object: She can get lonesome, discouraged, and temporarily lose faith in the whole missionary system. No one else can write such cheerful letters in such a rotten mood. No one else can get such a thrill at the end of the day by the words, "Why yes, there is a letter for you." Nobody else is so early to bed and so early to rise.(More like....Nobody else is capable of writing such competent, lengthy, and entertaining letters in the wee hours of the morning.)
A missionary's girl is virtue with no chance to be otherwise, faith with twenty-four months to wait, prudence with 69 cents in her savings account, and beauty with no one to give a darn.

Yes, she is all this, but it will all be forgotten the day he receives his letter of release and, upon his arrival home she will probably utter the words she once considered trite, "It hasn't seemed like any time at all!"