Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a lil bit of everything :)

 I am so excited because I registered for my last semester of college without Jordan!! Next fall he will be back by my side in school! I am so happy for that!! Thank goodness I got priority registration for my job, or else I wouldnt be able to get any classes! Im taking Soc 368 Lecture and Seminar, Freshman speech 151 haha oops, and Social Legislation 426. Yay??? hahah
 My last Halloween alone came and passed!! YAYYYY!!! I went as a black cat to a dance in....wait I forgot where it was....Los Robles?? Lol idk!!
 Hahah dont mind me!! But Dave me and Jana throughally enjoyed taking this pic and hanging out with others from our ward!
 I took this for my bayybay! We are on opposite sides of the country! One on the pacific ocean and one on the atlantic!!!
FINALLY!! We have single digit months left!!!! 8.99!!! I cannot wait!! I love you elder flores! Continue to serve your heart out!!

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