Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It has been a while!!

So it has really been a while since I have posted!! Lots has happened!

1. School started. My senior year. Seriously that is so crazy! I went to my counselor and he recommended  me for graduation, filled out my paperwork, and then I paid my 57.00 dollars!! I am all set! (hopefully!) lol.

2. Working at the Matador Bookstore started again. They made you WORK. I worked 34 hours 2 weeks in a row.The first two weeks of school. NOT COOL. I think I may be done there after this semester because for 8.00 an hour, they have me slaving and I am over it.

3. Academic Mentor job started again. 54 mentees in all. Better than last year when I had 75!!

4. I am going home on September 29th with my boy! I am so excited for him to see my parents again because they miss him :)

5. On Labor Day, Jordan and I dropped everything and went to Six Flags and of course, got our season passes! We are super excited. Plus they are opening a new ride in 2013!! That place has so much significance to us and I love it.

6. My roommate Michelle and I were placed in emergency housing last friday because we have termites in our room....and they are everywhere: in our beds, closet, desk, clothes...you name it. I swear things like this are attracted to us! lol.

Life is pretty good right now, besides all the things that arent good lol. But I think things are on the right track :)

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