Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning My Life Around :)

When I look back at my life this time of the year compared to where I was this time of the year LAST year, I am so amazed. I have completely made a 180. I am so happy with myself and how far I have come. First off, I got rid of MANY people in my life who were making a negative impact.  Then, I got rid of my nose ring, top earring, and belly button ring because I need to respect myself more. I met the most amazing man on the face of the earth, Jordan Flores who has been the biggest blessing ever. Because of him, I have the greatest gospel and ONLY true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. Without the church, I really dont know where I would be today.  I have learned, patience, worth, value, limits, life lessons, and so much more. Theres a HUGE list of people who have helped me in this past year(plus more):  Jordan, Elder Bradbury, Elder Hessing, Gina, Tela, Elder Tafur, Elder Saena, Sydney, Tifa, Joe, my mom, my dad, Kaylee, Alex, Darya, Michael, Rudy, Illian and so many more people who have influenced me to become better. I couldnt ghave dont this without you. I love you all.

" Faith is a principle of action and power. Whenever we work toward a worthy goal, we exercise faith. We show our hope for something that we cannot yet see. "


  1. I love you too!!!! im so glad that you love the gospel and im glad that i met you!!!! OHH and why is my name after tafur and saena!!!!!!!! hahah jk, but really!! :)
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Im so PROUD OF YOU KATY!! You have come so far its amazing!! Love you tons

  3. i couldnt have done it without you guys!