Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home with the family in Oceanside :)

YES IT IS FINALLY SPRING BREAK WAHOO!!! i get to be in oceanside until April 9th! I really have missed my family lately. I'm sure this spring break will be fun, but it wont be able to top last years. Last year at spring break, Jordan randomly came back to CSUN to hang out with me one day. So we just layed in my bed and talked and thats when he told me that he loved me and he couldnt hold it back anymore. Then i told him that i loved him too soooo much and it was one of the best days ever!! Today Im helping my mom with some stuff around the house and then somehow, we started looking at wedding dresses online! weird right? i know!! and to top off a great day, i got a letter from my baby!! woooo!!!! Happy Thursday bloggers!


  1. oh Katy you are so cute and I miss you so much! I'm glad you had a fun spring break and I am counting down the days till you are here in Utah! thanks for updating your blog . Unlike SYDNEY LYNN who is selfish and wont

  2. sydney fails at blogging!! oh by the way i got ur postcard yesterday its sooooo cute i hung it on my wall!! love youuu