Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July!

So fourth of July this year was pretty awesome! During the day, Alex and I went swimming and I actually got a tan! What a miracle!! Haha we went swimming and it was fun. Then we decided to go to Target, (random I know) and I saw this and IMMEDIATELY was super excited. If you know me, you know that Cats and Ducks are my FAVORITE :)
Then, we headed over to San Marcos to see the fireworks! They were so pretty! I think that I got lucky this year and had a good time because last fourth of July I was stuck working. Huge bummer :( But I am so glad that this year was fun (-the 7 random bug bites on my left knee!!)

On another note, I went with my dad to Temecula, Ca last Saturday to visit my Uncle Richard and his new bike show. It was so awesome in there! We ate at this cute little mexican restuarant and MAN was it hot over there! It was like 104 degrees! Note to self, never move to Temecula!

Random Thought: Jordan is doing super awesome! He had a really successful week last week...he got 7 referrals! I am so happy and proud of him! I really miss him and times r hard, but more than anything I am glad he is doing the Lord's work! Go Elder Flores!

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