Friday, August 27, 2010

Time slowly crawls by...

Today and tomorrow seem ridiculously slow. And i mean it.  Last semester these days would have been filled with the best and most fun adventures any 2 people could have in LA or SD.  And that isnt an overstatement.  But as I lay in my bed at 1:13pm, it's a very sobering reality to remember why i am here and why i am doing this.  Although its very hard, and very sad, I am so proud of my love, and I hope that he is having an amazing and spiritual time.  I guess it doesnt help that Wednesday I hurt my neck really bad in a car accident and it hurts to turn it the slightest bit.  Great, thats exactly what i needed.

But as i sit here and complain to no one, I also remember that God has blessed me with so many things that mean so much moree to me that anything else.  I cant ever forget that!! I think i will go read some scriptures.


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