Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight, me Syd and Tela went and donated blood at church!!! We went in there and filled out a bunch of paper work with silly questions including "Have u ever accepted money for sex or drugs?" LOL. Anyways after that they called us back one by one to check out iron levels to make sure we werent anemic so they could take our blood without killing us. Poor Sydney's iron was only 11 so she couldnt give blood :( Mine was 14.7 and Tela's was 13ish so we could donate.  They pricked our fingers to do the test. Then, they couldnt find my vein so they make me squeeze this thing and he rubbed my arm untill he found it. I was soooooooooo scared but im glad i did it because in the end i ended up saving 3 peoples lives im so glad i could help! We also got a free pint of ice cream woooohooooo!!! In all, it wasnt as bad as i thought...every one GO GIVE BLOOD NOWWWWW!!!! :) 

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