Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Regional FHE

Sydney and I :)

Jana was mad at me :(

The cupcake Syd and Jana made me


The pumpkin Tela and I made <3

Regional FHE was last night!! At first i was scared that it would be lame but it came out pretty cute! We carved pumpkins and decorated cupcakes. There was little carnival games that were fun too. Jana and Sydney made me the hugest cupcake in the world.  Tela and I carved a vampire pumpkin that actually came out pretty cute! We didnt win, but alot of people liked ours! Yay! I love my friends!


  1. We Rocked the carving pumpkin contest!! p.s. my FHE are never lame!!

  2. we did rock!!! and they are all awesome! ur awesome taquito!