Thursday, April 7, 2011


SOOOO for the past three days, I have been on a mini road trip with my family!! We drove from San Diego, to Nevada and stayed a night there, and then the next day to Death Valley and spent a night there!! It was quite a journey!! We saw alot of cool things. There was this place called artists drive, where you drove through these narrow mountains and the rocks were naturally pink, yellow, blue, and green. And there was a ghost town called Rhyolite which was pretty cool. It was SO HOT there...about 100 degrees during the soon as we got to the hotel, my dad and I jumped in the pool!! Our last stop was where my grandpas ashes are. It was really sad and i cried, which was awkward in front of my dad. But i was glad that i got to finally go there. :) I love you grandpa!

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