Tuesday, February 22, 2011


yay!! i got an email today!! well 8 to be exact lol. yesterday was presidents day, so jordan got his Pday today, which was fine.  He is SO amazing...."i love you with alll of my heart and thats never gonna change...i
love you a 239423892309 times more every time i see new pics, and when i get
a letter from you, and every second of every day!  u mean everything to me
baby and i want to marry you sooo much!  it'll come, i know it my wife."

well yeah he's awesome. i miss that man! OH and he's finally a senior companion! i am so proud of him!!

Other than my email, today was pretty fun. I went to school the usual, 8am to 2pm and it was alright. then i came back to my dorm and watched tv while i SHOULD have been studying. then sydney got out of school and we went shopping and had dinner, which was quite an adventure (: Right now, i should be studying again but im blogging....obviously :)
well goodbye for now!


  1. Cute!! I love that his letter are like that they are soooo sweet!! thank you so much for updating me about everything it helps me miss you less to know that you are okay ( I dont mean to sound rude but I am glad to hear youre okay)... MISS YOU!!!

  2. i miss you! and i know what you mean!! come back to us!