Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fly, fly away.

Today was awesome. It was cold and rainy just the way I like it.  I woke up at 10. Early, for a Saturday morning in college right? Well, since I have been going to school at 8am, I cannot seem to force myself to really sleep in anymore.  That is crazy because I used to always wake up at 1pm!! haha. So, this morning i woke up at 7, forced myself to sleep, 8, 830, 9, 915, and so on.  Then Syd and I went to Ralph's for some groceried (with a quick stop at Carls Jr :) ) Then, tonight Tifa and Joe (Jordan's parents...aka my future in law) came up to Northridge to have dinner and I brought Sydney along.  It was really good! And i really missed them!! I miss them more then my own parents sometimes haha. All in all a good day!!!

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