Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh man...

Today was pretty rought. It's days like this that can bring me down for WEEKS. I just miss him, that is all. I was watching people open mission calls on youtube and i just sat here for an hour crying. Wow i am lame. But then I came across this song, and it made it a little better.... The only thing that seems to make me miss him a little less is when I am with his family.  I wish i could be with them all of the time. Is that weird? Well whatever I dont even care. I want my baby back now. Please and thank you.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I feel the same exact way, Katy. I LOVE being with Daniel's family. It honestly makes me a lot happier for days when I hang out with them and then if I go a long period of time (like a week, LOL) without hanging out with them, I feel just a tinyyy bit depressed:( haha.

  2. ahh im so glad SOMEONE feels the same way!! doesnt it make it so much easier that we like their families?? haha i dont know how i would do this if we didnt get along!!