Sunday, December 25, 2011


I just had the best phone call since last May!! It was incredibly amazing!!!

So Jordan said he would call between 10:30am and 12pm my time. So I waited and waited and waited and BAM its 10:30!!! SO I keep waiting and staring at my phone, checking to make sure it has service yada yada yada. Then at 11:03am RIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGG A PHONE NUMBER FROM VIRGINIA!! I took a deep breath, said hello, and then I hear "BAAAAABYYYYY I LOVEEEE YOUUU ITSSSS MEEEEEE!!!" Hahahaha best thing of my life!!!! We talked about how far weve come, and how so very much in love we are. He also told me, "Babe, I just cant wait until youre graduated to marry you. It has to be before :)" He knows how to make my heart melt!!! Then all of a sudden we got disconnected (and I didnt even realize it lol) till my phone rings again and hes like oops!! hahaah. So we talked and talked, and ended it because we didnt want to go over time because we were very fortunate in the first place to have permission from his Mission president to talk in the first place. He just told me he is so thankful for me and couldnt do this mission without me. He makes my life so complete, and I KNOW this wait will be so worth it!!!!

PS: I only got teary eyed on the phone...cuz I was trying to keep it as positive as possible, then cried like a baby when we hung up. SUCCESSS!!! <3


  1. Omygoodness. Haha his greeting was amazing!! Love it! Isn't Christmas wonderful?!?