Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay sooo this day has been amazing for 2 reasons...

REASON 1: I got this email:

Dear Wilson,Katy M,

Here is a summary of your grades during the semester and your current grade so far. If you elect to take the final please send me an email so that I can print an exam for you. If you choose to take your current grade you do not need to do anything at all.
If there is any mistake, you can bring proof to class today, or to the day of the Final Exam. You can also pick your (old) exams during Office Hours. I hope I do not see you during the Final Exam. Enjoy the winter break!

Attendance Percent (max 100):  100
Homework Average (max 100):             96.578947368
Exam 1  (max 100):              75
Exam 2  (max 100):              72
Exam 3  (max 100):              94
Final Grade:                          B+


REASON #2: Gots me a package from me lover.
Contents of the last birthday package I will recieve from his mission!! yay!! He gave me 42087505 pictures, the Doctrine and Covenants DVD pack Ive been wanting, the most romantic card ever, 8 page letter, Believing Christ book, Book of Mormon stories book I needed, aaand a baby. Perfect :) I love my Jordan

And I got a jacket he drowned in his cologne. 
Today, life is good.

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