Wednesday, December 7, 2011

couldnt have said it better mahself :)

Things you never say/do to a missionary's girlfriend:
1. Never say that waiting for a missionary is easy, because in fact 730 of keeping a long distance relationship healthy and good only through letters
2. Similar to number one, but dont belittly any aspect of it, like any aspect
3. Dont say 'oh its never going to work out it never does' its not like we dont already have that fear or doubt in the back of our heads even if it isn't valid (PS Mitt Romney's wife waited for him, he asked her to marry him on the car ride home, and they are still very married and happy)
4. Dont ever complain about having your significant other be gone unless it is for more then a month at least (unless it is for military reasons I totally respect that)
5. Dont EVER complain about not having gotten a text from you significant other that day, or you wont be able to hang out with him until the weekend, big woop we have to waith 2 years
6. Dont say we are overreacting if we are freacking out (in a good way) for getting a letter, because some girls are like me and I have gone 5 weeks without a letter and you may not know that so dont judge
7. Dont say we are a distraction and horrible people becuase we have missionary boyfriends and that shouldn't even be happening, just look about have of the 12 had wifes that waited for them
8. Dont give us crap for writing long letters, its our only way to talk to our boyfriend, and us women like to talk, soo long letters is just how we roll
9. Dont give us 'the speach' about waiting, two parts of the speach have been mentioned but the whole your going to change hes going to change and you wont love each other anymore, or he's going to dump you if you dont prepare for him to come home, or are you sure you want to do this? first off we all know change happens and it will happen, but unless something HUGE happens and your boyfriend sees a pillar of fire or something, our missionaries are going to be the same core person, just more developed, because thats what happens to every one as time passes, and we know we need to grow up too, were working on it, trust us and if we werent sure we wouldn't have come to the decision (as a couple) to wait.
10. Never NEVER let your dog loose on our mailman because your dog just might end up with a bb gun shot on his butt ;)


  1. I love you Katy ;) this was awesome!!! you are getting so close-time is flying!!!!

  2. aww you are so sweet!!! and ime needs to KEEP IT UPPP!!! heheeh