Friday, July 19, 2013

First Day in My New Apartment!

Today was crazy! I moved into my new apartment in Westwood, CA (right across the street from UCLA.) My dad and I woke up at 6am to pack up his truck and make the 2 hour drive!!

My amazinggg boyfriend Jordan drove up to help us move. So the three of us made many....and I mean many....trips up 5 flights of stairs. NOT cool. My dad took us out to lunch at Denny's and then we went to Target. Soon after, my dad said his goodbye's and headed home.

Jordan and I spent the day organizing my stuff, watching tv in the common area, and walking downtown. It was home but I was already feeling homesick :(

Here are some interesting things about my apartment:

1. The internet SUCKS. wayy worse than CSUN's horrible internet.
2. Showering here sucks. You have to balance your clothes and towel on the shower door. Not fun.
3. Its very lively.
4. 99% of the people who live here are from Thailand/China/Korea.

I miss home already!!!! :(

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