Thursday, May 5, 2011

worst dream a missionary girlfriend could ever have.....

well i think my title says it all but here it goes.

so i had this dream last night where Jordan came home. for some reason he lived in the apartment across the hall from me. he came to visit me, and i was so excited. then all of a sudden he said he had to go. i didnt understand. so i went over there and he said he didnt know if he could love me anymore and that he needed time alone. this was the worst thing ever. i was absolutely crushed, especially because we talk about what it will be like when he is home EVERY WEEK, and this is the complete opposite. this is the only morning EVER that i was happy when my alarm went off at 7am because it made the dream end.

i really need a letter today. PLEASEE LETTER GODS PLEASSEEE

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