Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Everything's changing...except 1 thing :)

So in these past ten months, my world has been dumped completely upside down. I have changed SO much. But i dont really like to think of it as "change." To me, its more of a "modification." I have grown up...and I mean REALLY grown up. I have so much more patience, understanding, and compassion. I never knew that someone could change so much in a matter of months. I have had my ups and downs, but one thing that has NEVER changed or faultered is my undying love for Jordan. Seriously, every single week I love him more. Even though I havent seen him in 42 weeks, when we email and write letters, it feels like I just hung out with him yesterday. I really miss my best friend, but the blessings that I have seen coming forth because of his willingness to serve the Lord are AMAZING. His family has been so blessed and i'm always excited when I get included in those special days, like when his dad got baptized!! :)

I bought this sticker for my wall today and I thought it worked perfectly!!It is SO true! "Things" are so temporal and don't last forever. But an eternal love with an eternal companion will <3 OH and happy 15 months baby!!


  1. May I say your boyfriend is so cute!! Don't be mad at me if I dont write you six pages each week of my mission . okay :)

  2. p.s. Im glad you are changing to better yourself!! Miss you tons kilowatts